• Air Gun RangeWife sights in while husband spots
  • Air Gun RangeAiming pistol down range
  • Air Gun RangeStrict safety rules enforced at range
  • Air Gun RangeAll sorts of air guns are available to try
  • Air Gun RangeA variety of target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" >s
  • Air Gun RangeIts sort of like summer camp
  • Air Gun RangeMarkman tournaments test skills
  • Air Gun RangeLooking back from down range
  • Air Gun RangePellet and BB guns are used on the range
  • Air Gun RangePistol before assembly
  • Air Gun Range3 Generations of airgun shooters
  • Air Gun RangeEveryone can enjoy the fun on Open Gun Days
  • Air Gun RangeSpectators encourage and heckle participants
  • Air Gun RangeRe-live your childhood, Red Rider
  • Air Gun RangeMany left and right hand shooting stations
  • Air Gun RangeFun pretty much describes it
  • Air Gun RangeTake a deep breath, squeeze the trigger
  • Air Gun RangeInstruction and help always available
  • Air Gun RangeShooting improves with practice
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Jojoba hills airgun target range

Built and Maintained by Volunteers

Members, guest and visitors of Jojoba Hills enjoy testing their marksmanship on our impressive airgun target range. It is a testament to the creative and sharing spirit of the members who built and maintain the range. A variety of targets are arranged at various distances from the shooting stations. Only air guns (pellet or BB) are allowed on the range where strict rules of safety are observed. The range is open daily and special days are scheduled twice a month by the range committee where enthusiasts can show up and test their skills on many types of air rifles and pistols. It really is just plain fun!